Your luggage might be tampered without you even knowing ! 😨But How ? ✈️Travel Tips(1)

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Travelling is one of life’s greatest joys, but that can all be changed with an inconvenience of any size. Do you feel the same way? Come to Luggage City today! We have solutions that will make your next trip worry-free!

1. Your luggage may be tampered without you even knowing ! 😨 but How?
Did you know a ballpoint pen can open your luggage? Watch the video below:

Thieves don’t need much, the only thing they need is a pen or sharp object to get in your luggage. Your luggage may look fine on the outside, but on the inside, everything might be missing. Getting those valuables back can be extremely difficult. Here are a couple ways you can prevent the above from happening:

  • Choose a luggage with an anti-theft zipper or Tamper proof zipper
  • Use a luggage cover or get luggage been wrapped. This is only for checked luggage

2.What should you do if your luggage is damaged at the airport?
If this happens to you, here are some steps you can follow:

  • If you find your luggage damaged at the airport, contact your airline's baggage service desk immediately.
  • In the case you discover your luggage is damaged after leaving the airport, contact your airline customer service via email or phone immediately. There is generally a 7-day limit when filling a report.
  • Three repairing methods: 1, Have your airline send the bag to an authorized repair centre 2, Bring the bag to the authorized repair centre yourself 3, Have the bag repaired at the repair shop.
  • If your belongings are broken during transportation, we recommend you filing a complaint with the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) for further assistance. Website:

3. Watch out for New ID theft
15cm is close enough for a modern criminal to steal your Identify and personal information just by using RFID Frequency. RFID stands for “radio-frequency identification”, this technology is not new, but thieves are exploiting this because their consumer are not protecting themselves. There is no universal anti-RFID on the market, please contact Luggage City (905) 265-9838 for related products.

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