How to make the most of 2020

Reflection and Gratitude

So 2019 is almost over and as the new year approaches you might be thinking of ways to have an even better year in 2020. Though a rigid plan or new year's resolution might not be your priority, an idea of the things you wish to accomplish may have somehow crossed your mind. No matter what your plans are for 2020, a plan for reflection is always important. So before the new year's festivities, fireworks and partying kicks in, and before you are just too tired to remember the events of 2019, take a moment for self-reflection. Doing this simple task will put you in a state to assess your self-improvement-whether financially, personally or otherwise. It will also help you to be grateful for life and the most important people that had an impact on your life such as family, friends, and pets. Self-reflection means having a clear part for where you want your life to go and it is also a time to prioritize. One of the things you can do this year is to set a personal goal for each month and ensure something major is accomplished for each month of 2020.

 Greater Self Love and Gratitude

New year’s resolutions, everyone’s got them. However, more than having a resolution, a plan for self improvement in simple ways is usually more sustainable. This year, take the time to be good to yourself and to others. The focus should be on becoming a better version of yourself. Take time to make good daily choices and decisions such as choosing health over convenience, sacrifice over instant gratification and happiness over fitting the status quo. This year, make a simple list of easy self-loving goals. Put these into daily action and watch the universe return great favours to you. The aim is to have a healthy mind, heart and spirit. Afterall, there is no better glow than the one that comes from self love and healthy choices. Be psyched and excited about everything you do and see how this radiates and impact those around you. 

Have Lots of Fun

In everything you do this new year, try to put that spark of joy in it. Though every year comes with a rollercoaster of events- highs and lows,  finding joy in everything actually makes things easier. Outside of your regular routines, make plans for special events in your life such as birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and travel, especially travel. Getting a break from the regular tasks of life such as work or school is proven to relax us and activate our happy hormones. So a plan for relaxation and fun takes us away from all stressors and the mundane tasks of life. It also widens our perspective and make us more connected to the world, country and region we live in. Take time to visit somewhere you have never been  and immerse yourself into the culture and lifestyle of others. This can help you to have a greater appreciation for everything in your life and further help you in relating to others. As most society grows into a multicultural melting pot, a new view on culture, subcultures and minority groups help us to enjoy everything our world has to offer, whether food, music, entertainment or fashion.

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