Verage Country Luggage Tag - Thailand

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The Verage Country Luggage Tag - Thailand is a stylish and innovative travel accessory that adds a touch of uniqueness to your luggage. Designed with a modern flair, this baggage tag represents the country of Thailand, allowing you to showcase your love for the destination.

Crafted by the brand Verage, known for their fashion-forward and casual designs, this luggage tag combines style with functionality. Its sleek and contemporary appearance makes it suitable for various travel styles and occasions.

The model of this luggage tag is MQR501, featuring a unique and eye-catching design that sets it apart from traditional tags. Its collapsible feature allows for easy storage when not in use, saving space in your luggage.

In terms of bags hardness, this luggage tag is designed with moderation, striking a balance between flexibility and durability. It can withstand the rigors of travel while remaining flexible enough to adapt to different bag shapes and sizes.

With dimensions of 77X0.1X83 cm and a weight of 0.052 kg, this luggage tag is compact and lightweight. It won't add significant bulk or weight to your luggage, ensuring hassle-free travel.

The Verage Country Luggage Tag - Thailand is a fantastic way to personalize your luggage and make it easily identifiable. It's ideal for travelers who appreciate unique and innovative accessories that reflect their passion for different countries.

Note: Please be aware that the size and weight mentioned above are for a single luggage tag.


  • Brand: Verage
  • Style: Fashion&Casual
  • Model: MQR501
  • Folding: Collapsible
  • Bags Hardness: Moderation
  • Single Package Size: 77X10X83 mm
  • Single Gross Weight: 0.052 kg

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