Secrid Rfid Additional Slide

Secrid Style: ACARDSLIDE

Color: Opaque Black back
Sale price$30.45


Secrid Additional Slide

The Additional Slide is available as upgrade for Cardprotector owners.


Prevent identity and credit card theft with these RFID-blocking wallets. Designed with an innovative release mechanism, the cards slide out step-shaped for easy access and does not fall out even when held up-side-down. The back card slides out far enough to be detected without taking the card out. Holds up to 6 cards.

Together with the Moneyband and Cardprotector, the Slide forms the Cardslide, providing room for cash, receipts, business cards and small personal items.
The Slide is an add-on for the Cardprotector and cannot be used separately.


Housing: solid aluminium
stainless steel and POM
Size and weight
68 x 103 x 19 mm
42 g

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