Fulton Chelsea Automatic Folding Umbrella

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Size: 13"
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The Fulton Chelsea Automatic Folding Umbrella is the perfect accessory for men seeking convenience and style. With its automatic open and close mechanism, this folding umbrella provides effortless operation at the touch of a button. The navy color with a pale blue stripe adds a touch of sophistication, while the luxurious woven fabric enhances its overall appearance. The umbrella features an extra-large cover for excellent protection from the rain, and its comfortable crook handle ensures a secure and comfortable grip.


  • Automatic open and close mechanism allows for easy operation with just a press of a button
  • Comfortable crook handle provides a secure and ergonomic grip
  • Extra large cover offers extensive protection from rain and elements
  • Luxurious woven fabric adds a touch of elegance and durability
  • Compact size with a length of 33cm, making it easy to carry and store
  • Span of approximately 96cm when open, providing ample coverage


  • Name: Fulton Chelsea Automatic Folding Umbrella
  • Ideal for: Men
  • Color: Navy with Pale Blue stripe
  • Mechanism: Automatic open and close
  • Handle: Crook handle
  • Cover Size: Extra large
  • Fabric: Luxurious woven fabric
  • Length (including handle): 33cm
  • Span (when open): Approx. 96cm
  • Weight: 473g

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