American Tourister Disney Kids Luggage ID Tag

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Style: Mickey Mouse
Size: 5"
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The American Tourister Disney Kids Luggage ID Tag is a delightful and practical accessory designed specifically for young travelers. With its fun and playful design, it adds a touch of excitement to their luggage while making it easy to spot on the carousel.

Included with the tag is an ID card where you can record your child's personal information, ensuring that their bags are easily identifiable and traceable. Safety and peace of mind are paramount when traveling with children, and this ID tag provides a convenient way to display important contact details in case their luggage is misplaced.

The tag features a durable strap that securely fastens it to their luggage, ensuring it stays in place throughout their journey. The reliable strap prevents the tag from getting lost or detached, even during active travels.

With overall dimensions of 4.8" × 4.4" × 0.2" and internal dimensions of the same size, this tag offers ample space to display identification information clearly. The tag's compact and lightweight design ensures it doesn't add unnecessary bulk or weight to your child's luggage.

The American Tourister Disney Kids Luggage ID Tag combines functionality, durability, and the beloved Disney characters that kids adore. It not only adds a touch of fun to their bags but also helps them feel a sense of ownership and excitement during their travels.


  • Design: Fun and playful Disney characters
  • Overall Dimensions: 4.8" × 4.4" × 0.2"
  • Internal Dimensions: 4.8" × 4.4" × 0.2"
  • Linear Dimensions: 9.4"
  • Weight: 0.2 lbs

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