Best Ways To Save Money For A Road Trip


The secret to saving money on road trip? It all comes down to planning! Everything from junk food indulgences to cash spent at the gas pump can be managed & mostly minimized with some pre-planning. Read our tips below - 😉


1. Study your route

Before you leave home, study your route for potential savings. Make sure your GPS is guiding you to the most efficient route. Avoid toll roads and toll bridges, use the settings that lets you select “Avoid tolls” under preferences/ options.On a 1,000-mile road trip, taking the car that gets 30 mpg instead of the one with 25 mpg will result in 20% savings on fuel. 

2. Utilize hotel perks

While planning your trip, explore hotel loyalty programs  which offer huge savings up front in the form of loyalty points. Check social media for deals on the hotels in your budget range and download apps for last-minute bookings. Make sure you can cancel without a penalty when you make reservations in advance.

3. Search for the best gas price

Ensure that you fill up the tank in your local area before leaving to avoid tracking down good prices on the highway. Gas prices can vary widely from state to state, so it is a good practice fill up before crossing the line or vice versa.

4. Do a bulk shopping trip before you hit the road

Shopping for snacks at big box stores prior to your road trip can help you save dollars. Roadside eats like trail mix, bars, crackers, chips & bottles of water can add up quickly. A reusable, stainless-steel water bottle can help you save money by keeping your water cold or coffee hot.

5. Lighten the load

Extra weight will impact a car's gas mileage at the rate of 2% per 100 pounds. Empty the car from things you wouldn’t require at the trip. Every pound can make a difference. 

6. Drive slow- it will save more than just fuel

Driving slow with not only help you save fuel but will also avoid you from getting a speeding ticket.