Are AirTags Allowed in Carry-on Luggage?

Are AirTags Allowed in Carry-on Luggage?

AirTags have only been around for a couple of years, but have become such an important part of travelling in a post-pandemic world. Especially with the reliability and trustworthiness of airlines falling. More and more travellers are opting to fly with AirTags. But are AirTags even allowed on carry-on luggage? 

In this blog post, we will explore if AirTags are allowed in carry-on luggage, if AirTags are even legal to fly with, and tips for frequent flyers who plan on travelling with AirTags.

Can AirTags Go in Carry-on Luggage?

Yes, AirTags can generally be placed in carry-on luggage when traveling by air. AirTags are small electronic devices designed to help you keep track of your belongings, and they don't contain any hazardous materials or pose any security risks that would prevent them from being carried in carry-on luggage.

Legally AirTags Can Go on Canadian & American Flights

It's always a good idea to check the current regulations of the airline and the Transportation Security Administration (if you are flying in the States) before traveling, as rules and regulations may vary depending on the airline and the country you're traveling from or to. TSA has approved flying with AirTags.

CATSA (Canadian Air Transport Security Authority) also allows Canadians to travel with AirTags on carry-on & checked baggage.

Some AirlinesWere Previously Reported For Banning AirTags Aboard Their Flights

German carrier Lufthansa has made a claim on X (formerly Twitter) that insinuated that Lufthansa has banned airtags. Lufthansa has since clarified that the airline does allow travellers to fly with AirTags in their carry-on and checked luggage. 

AirTags can legally be banned if an airline decides to update their terms of use to restrict AirTags from being turned on, or from being included in carry-on luggage and potentially checked baggage too. Always review an airline’s terms of use before you bring you put AirTags in your luggage.

Do AirTags Help Find Lost Luggage?

AirTags can potentially help find lost luggage, but their effectiveness depends on several factors.

If an AirTag is attached to your luggage and it gets lost or misplaced, you can use the Find My app on your iPhone or other Apple device to locate it, provided that the AirTag is within Bluetooth range of your device. This can be particularly useful if your luggage is accidentally left behind or if it's picked up by someone else by mistake.

If your luggage is far away or out of Bluetooth range, the AirTag's tracking capabilities may be limited. AirTags rely on Bluetooth connectivity and the Find My network, which uses the Bluetooth signals of other nearby Apple devices to help locate lost items. If your luggage is in an area with few Apple devices around, or if it's moved far away from where it was last detected, locating it using an AirTag may be challenging.

Additionally, AirTags are not equipped with GPS technology, so they cannot provide real-time location tracking if they're not within Bluetooth range of your device. If your luggage is lost in an area where there are no nearby Apple devices to pick up its Bluetooth signal, or if it's moved to a location with poor connectivity, the AirTag may not be able to help you locate it.

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Do AirTags Work with Android

AirTags emit a Bluetooth signal that can be detected by any device with Bluetooth capability, including Android smartphones. If an Android device detects the Bluetooth signal emitted by an AirTag, it may be able to notify the user of its presence, although it won't have access to the full suite of features available through the Find My app on Apple devices.

Some third-party apps on Android may also offer limited support for tracking AirTags or other Bluetooth trackers, but the level of functionality and compatibility can vary. Keep in mind that using AirTags with Android devices may not provide the same seamless experience as using them with Apple devices.

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