Secrid Rfid Twinwallet Original

Secrid Style: TWIN-0001

Color: Black
Sale price$134.95


Secrid Twinwallet

The Twinwallet consists of two Cardprotectors in a leather pouch with press stud closure. With the Twinwallet, you can securely take eight to twelve cards with you. The interior also offers space for extra cards, paper money, receipts, business cards and coins. The Twinwallet, with its 70 mm width and 24 mm thickness, is at least twice as compact as a traditional wallet with similar content. The Twinwallet fits well in a small ladies handbag or in a trouser pocket.


8 embossed or 12 flat cards
4 extra cards
Business cards
Original is a timeless all-purpose leather with a natural glossy finish that fits every style. So it’s no surprise that this leather is a lasting favourite.
Original is corrected-grain leather, made in Holland and Italy from European cowhide. For more information on leather characteristics, our production process or care instructions, visit our leather page.
The Secrid twin wallet. Special design credit card holder made from aluminium and leather.With a click all cards slide out gradually. The cards will not fall outA perfect mens wallet. No problem to keep it in your back pocket. No breaking, No bendingJust 24mm flat. Can hold banknotes and 16 cards maximumRFID protection. Prevents hackers to steal your privacy and credit card numbers


Size and weight
70 x 102 x 25 mm
72 g

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