Secrid RFID Miniwallet Indigo-5

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Color: Indigo 5 Titanium
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The Secrid RFID Miniwallet Indigo-5 is the ultimate all-rounder wallet, combining compact size with a surprisingly large storage capacity. With its sleek design and wide range of styles and colors, it seamlessly fits into any pocket or purse. This Miniwallet is the perfect companion for individuals looking for a compact yet spacious solution to carry their essentials.


  • Efficient Organization: The Miniwallet's exterior is intelligently designed to hold a variety of items including banknotes, receipts, and cards, providing easy access and organization.
  • Aluminum Cardprotector: Equipped with an aluminum Cardprotector, this wallet ensures the utmost protection for your cards. It allows you to effortlessly slide out cards with a single motion, while also preventing them from bending, breaking, and unauthorized wireless communication.
  • Ample Storage Capacity: The Miniwallet offers storage for up to 4 embossed or 6 flat cards, along with space for 4 extra cards, banknotes, and business cards.
  • Water Absorbing Leather: Crafted from high-quality water-absorbing leather, the Miniwallet showcases a unique texture while requiring minimal maintenance. However, it is recommended not to clean this type of leather with water or moisture, as it may alter its color. In case of exposure to wet conditions, gently patting it dry with a soft cloth is advised.


  • Dimensions: 65 x 102 x 21 mm
  • Weight: 72 g

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