Secrid Rfid Cardslide

Secrid Style: CS-0001

Color: Black
Sale price$89.95


Secrid RFID Cardslide

The new Cardslide is produced from high-quality polycarbonate, as used in the production of bulletproof glass. The Cardslide is a useful addition to the Cardprotector, suitable for business cards and banknotes, for example. It has slimline finishing touches from stainless steel.

The Additional Slide is available as an upgrade for Cardprotector owners.



Prevent identity and credit card theft with these RFID-blocking wallets. Designed with an innovative release mechanism, the cards slide out step-shaped for easy access and do not fall out even when held upside-down. The back card slides out far enough to be detected without taking the card out. Holds up to 4 embossed or 6 flat cards.



Secrid RFID Cardslide

Material: Housing: solid aluminium
Construction: stainless steel and POM
Dimensions: 3.7" x 2.4" x 0.3" / 9.4cm x 6.1cm x 0.75cm
Weight: 0.09 lbs / 0.04 kg

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