Lewis N Clark Dual Converter Kit

Lewis N Clark Style: EK121

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Dual Converter Kit
This dual wattage converter operates as a transformer on the low setting and as a converter on the high setting.

Guide to international travel with electronics and electrical appliances.


For 110V electric heating up to 2,000W and electronic appliances up to 50W
Two-pin plug fits most European outlets
Auto-reset fuse Includes converter, four adapter plugs and travel pouch
Check appliance wattage before operation to determine appropriate switch setting
Not for use with electronic appliances or appliances equipped with timers or automatic functions


Adapter Plugs
In some countries, you may encounter a recessed outlet or other shapes of wall outlets in which the pins on the Converter do not fit. Following are the most commonly used Adapter Plug configurations:
Flat Parallel Blades - North/South America, Caribbean, Taiwan, Philippines and Japan.
Flat Angled Blades - Australia, New Zealand and China.
Round Pins - Europe, Middle East, Asia, U.S.S.R., parts of Africa, and the Caribbean.
3-Prong Blades - Africa, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Parts of Great Britain and Ireland.

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