Disposable Medical Face Masks Level 3 - Adult - Black - 50pcs Made In Canada by Canadian Guardians

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Disposable Surgical Masks Level 3, 50pcs Made In Canada

Canadian Guardians strives to exhibit social responsibility through our quality medical supplies which safeguard the health of individuals, communities, businesses, institutions, and global neighbours.

Canada has a world-renowned healthcare system. Nevertheless, the sudden surge in global demand for medical supplies amid the pandemic, especially for protective facial masks, has put the well-being of Canadians and our global neighbours at risk.

To protect others, we Canadians have to start with ourselves. However, most of the protective facial masks available in the market were imported from overseas and of sub-par quality. These masks simply could not protect us to the level expected. The number of new COVID-19 and variant cases continues to escalate at an alarming rate.

It was then that Dr. Bill Hogarth, our founder and CEO, decided to make a change. With Bill’s understanding of safety needs in the medical field, he quickly gathered committed individuals to better serve Canadians. He did this by setting up a service that effectively protects Canadians. The focus on quality is the standard demanded by Canadian healthcare professionals, frontline workers, and all vital impact support people. They deserve the medical masks that are certified as effective in protecting lives.


We are licensed by Health Canada to manufacture Class I medical devices.


Our surgical masks have passed the most stringent safety lab tests and have been certified in Canada to have reached ASTM Level 3 performance. These tests on:


  • Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE)
  • Particulate Filtration Efficiency (PFE)
  • Synthetic Blood Penetration
  • Flame Spread, and the related, ensure overall protection effectiveness.

    Certified ISO Class 8 Cleanroom

    To further armour Canadian’s health, we have invested significantly in an ISO 8 cleanroom to ensure our masks are produced in the cleanest and most hygienic environment possible. A cleanroom substantially facilitates the execution of world-class production procedures.

    Equipment, Machinery and Materials

    Our equipment, machinery and materials have been sourced carefully by our global procurement team to support conformity to the highest safety standards and regulations. Our technicians have intensive and extensive experience in the mask production industry to deliver excellence for our users.

    The product is composed of three pieces: a mask body, nose clip, and mask belt. The mask body - the face covering and a protective portion of the mask - is a 3-ply structure made up of non-woven fabric (outer layer), melt-blown fabric (middle layer), and non-woven fabric (inner layer). 



    ASTM Requirements Level 3
    Bacterial Filtration Efficiency, % ≥ 98%
    Sub-Micron Particulate Filtration Efficiency at 0.1 micron, % ≥ 98%
    Synthetic Blood Penetration minimum pressure in mmHg for pass result @160mm Hg
    Differential Pressure, mm H2O/cm2 <6.0 mm H2O/cm2
    Flame Spread Class 1
    • Made in Canada
    • Disposable surgical mask
    • Level 3, 99.9% Filter efficiency
    • Soft lined, water-resistant, non-woven material
    • The adjustable nose piece and ear-loop design for convenience and comfort
    • 50 pieces in a box
    • For medical procedures where moderate to heavy amounts of fluid, spray, and/pr aerosols are produced.
    • Store in clean cool (<40C.104F) well-ventilated dry place away from corrosive substances.



    • Weight: Approx. 0.2kg
    • Dimensions: 20.5 × 11 × 6.5 cm
    • Colour: Black
    • Disposable: Yes
    • Style: Ear-loop
    • Validity Period: 2 years



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